Lifemesh Telehealth provides an easy to use, high quality experience, across web and mobile platforms.

A secure hosted solution that combines both video conference sessions, as well as a rich set of customer engagement tools for scheduled follow-ups, onboarding and intake management, and more.

"We have seen incredible improvements in operations, and more importantly gains in patient engagement and a significant increase in encounters and telehealth sessions. A business changer."

High QUality Video and Voice Sessions

Lifemesh Telehealth provides high quality voice and video sessions on multiple platforms from PC, to Tablet, to mobile. Easy to use interfaces deliver highly secure sessions.


Critical to nearly any clinic in the days of COVID-19, CaaS incorporates an integrated telehealth solution out of the box. High quality and secure encounters. Increased utilization of clinicians, streamlined patient management, and optimized patient engagement.

Hosted Solution with pay per encounter pricing

Using a pay as you go model, Lifemesh allows you to only pay for what you use. Moving to online sessions? Lifemesh Telehealth allows you to transition immediately or over time. 

Patient engagement

As part of the Telehealth solution, clinicians and practices are able to utilize email and SMS pre-built campaigns which deliver appointment details, reminders, and follow-ups.

Key Features

Easy to Use

Easy to use interface

Lifemesh Telehealth is entirely integrated with your EHR. From an appointment, just click "Start Telehealth".

Real-time Stats

High Quality Video & Voice

Lifemesh Telehealth uses compression and background noise reduction to assure the best quality appointments, irrespective of environment. Supports lower bandwidth connections.


Almost any device with that has a web browser will support Lifemesh Telehealth.

AI Chat

Patient Engagement

Lifemesh Telehealth includes patient communications management to automate notifications such as appointment reminders and Telehealth appointment connection details.

One vendor for all of your needs

It has never been easier to create go to implement a single vendor solution, with the latest technologies

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