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Lifemesh Telehealth for OpenEMR

Lifemesh Telehealth for OpenEMR is designed as a fully supported plugin to the popular OpenEMR platform. It was introduced in OpenEMR 6.0 Build 3, as a way to easily manage Telehealth sessions directly in the OpenEMR Encounter, making it available within minutes of account setup. 

A fully managed, hosted, and highly scalable, solution, Lifemesh Telehealth provides capabilities for scheduled or ad-hoc telehealth sessions.  

Telehealth for OpenEMR

Telehealth plugin for version 6.0
$ 99
  • 50 Sessions Included
  • Additional Sessions at a discounted rate
  • 20 Minute 2-person sessions

From $99/month - With No User Limit

Lifemesh believes in the adage that less is more. So. rather than charging a per-provider license fee, we provide a per-clinic license that may be used by an unlimited number of providers. For small practices our base package of $99 for 50 sessions may suffice. But for mid-size to large practices, your needs may be greater, so we have introduced a discount for subsequent session packages (blocks) to keep your costs as low as possible. 

Telehealth Subscription Pricing

Lifemesh Telehealth billing is based on usage of the system for the Practice and is not limited by providers. As the usage increases, the price per session decreases.

Lifemesh Telehealth is charged by session blocks. Pricing starts at US$99.00 for the first 50 Telehealth sessions. If the limit of sessions is exceeded in a given month, the next 50 session block will be automatically billed at the discounted rate. 

All pricing is in USD

  • Session Block 1 – 50 sessions for $99.00
  • Session Block 2 – 50 sessions for $94.00
  • Session Block 3 – 50 sessions for $89.00
  • Session Block 4 – 50 sessions for $84.00
  • Session Block 5 – 50 sessions for $79.00
  • Session Block 6 – 50 sessions for $74.00
  • Session Block 7 – 50 sessions for $69.00
  • Session Block 8 – 50 sessions for $64.00
  • Session Block 9 – 50 sessions for $59.00
  • Session Block 10 – 50 sessions for $54.00
  • Session Block 11+ – 50 sessions for $49.00


A Telehealth Session (“Session”) consists of 20 minutes with two (2) parties participating. Sessions that exceed 20 minutes, or two parties, will accrue additional Session fees accordingly.