Lifemesh specializes in providing analytics and reporting capabilities via its Healthcare Experimental Learning Platform (HELP).

In addition, Lifemesh provides professional services in order to assist companies who are considering or presently engaged in reporting & analytics projects.

The expertise of Lifemesh spans a broad spectrum of disciplines in terms of industry and use case-specific requirements for reporting & analytics, including award-winning solutions.


  • Optimized Project & Engagement Methodology
  • Problem Identification & Solution Design
  • Platform Selection
  • Data Acquisition, Augmentation, and Cleansing
    • Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) or Extract/Load/Transform(ELT)
    • Structured and unstructured data lakes
    • Data quality and governance consultation
  • Critical Business Measures & Benchmarking
  • System exception alerting & routing
  • Visual Analytics/Dashboard Design
  • Analytics Change Management Consulting
  • Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, AI
  • Mobile Analytics & Alerting
  • Location Analytics
  • Stream Analytics
  • ESB/API Integration & Design


Lifemesh is able to provide these services irrespective of the source and selected platform, however, Lifemesh has specific expertise with the following:

  • Amazon: Complete Suite/Cloud Stack
  • Microsoft: Complete Suite/Cloud Stack
  • Google: Complete Suite/Cloud Stack
  • Analytics/Reporting/Visualization: MicroStrategy, Tableau, Domo, Click, PowerBI, D3
  • AI/ML Platforms: R, Anaconda, MatLab, Teradata, Databricks
  • AI/ML Models/Techniques: Probabilistic Modeling, Response Modeling, Behavioral Analysis, Outlier Detection, Event Detection, Change Detection, Clustering, Recommendation Systems, Personalization, Pattern Recognition, Sequential Pattern Learning, Optimization
  • Database Technologies: SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, Progress, PostgreSQL
  • Languages: Python, Go, .Net, Java, React, Angular, Amplify
  • Enterprise Service Bus: Websphere, Oracle ESB, BizTalk/MSMQ