Professional Services

In order to support our clients, Lifemesh provides a number of Professional Services to ensure successful projects, as well as successful implementations when live.
Project Management, Business Analysis, AI modeling, Advanced Analytics, and more.

"We have seen incredible improvements in operations, and more importantly gains in patient engagement and a significant increase in encounters and telehealth sessions. A business changer."


Professional Services span a range of services including implementation, project management, and custom development. Additionally, Lifemesh specializes in providing predictive analytics and reporting capabilities via its Augmented Care and Hypothesis Testing.

The expertise of Lifemesh spans a broad spectrum of disciplines in terms of industry and use case-specific requirements for EHR, AI-models, reporting & analytics, including award-winning solutions.


  • Optimized Project & Engagement Methodology
  • Problem Identification & Solution Design
  • Platform Configuration
  • Data Acquisition, Augmentation, and Cleansing
  • Critical Business Measures & Benchmarking
  • System exception alerting & routing
  • Visual Analytics/Dashboard Design
  • Analytics Change Management Consulting
  • Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, AI
  • Mobile Analytics & Alerting
  • Location Analytics
  • Stream Analytics
  • ESB/API Integration & Design


Lifemesh is able to provide these services irrespective of the source and selected platform, however, Lifemesh has specific expertise with the following:

  • Amazon: Complete Suite/Cloud Stack
  • Analytics/Reporting/Visualization
  • AI/ML Platforms: R, Anaconda, MatLab, Teradata, Databricks
  • AI/ML Models/Techniques: Probabilistic Modeling, Response Modeling, Behavioral Analysis, Outlier Detection, Event Detection, Change Detection, Clustering, Recommendation Systems, Personalization, Pattern Recognition, Sequential Pattern Learning, Optimization
  • Database Technologies: SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, Progress, PostgreSQL
  • Languages: Python, Go, .Net, Java, React, Angular, Amplify
  • Enterprise Service Bus: Websphere, Oracle ESB, BizTalk/MSMQ

Key Services

Project Management

Effective project management is the key to any successful project. Lifemesh provides a complete approach to Project Management, from initial engagement and Business Process Reviews culminating in a Business Requirements Document ((BRD) to a detailed Technical Specifications Document (TSD), and project charter and weekly project meetings.
While iterative in nature, our Agile approach to projects provides rapid deployments with critical structure.


While not a Professional Service, all solutions we provide are hosted in the cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Lifemesh also includes support of the environment, services patches, and solution support.

AI Custom Models

Have a unique business process that needs support? Lifemesh will work with you to define changes or modifications to our core business process flow. Skilled specialist in AI capabilities will design targeted flows, and/or targeted engagement processes.

Integration Services

Each project has unique needs, including data migration from legacy systems, email setup and porting, prescription configuration, and patient document migration. Each of these require the appropriate effort, and any combination of two or more integration/migration needs may change the scope of each project.


Your subscription includes a Patient Experience engine, designed to complement segmented patient journeys with touchpoint communications along each step of their experience. Recalls, birthday reminders, patient reactivation, payment reminders, satisfaction surveys...any workflow you can imagine may be automated based upon patient segment. Communications may be triggered based upon date or other conditional parameters. A/B testing assures your confidence in the highest possible conversion for your messages.

Security and Infrastructure Support

While English is included by default, support for languages from Albanian to Vietnamese is included* *Additional configuration services are required for languages other than English.


OpenEMR is a Free and Open Source electronic health records and medical practice management application.

Lifemesh bundles OpenEMR as part of our Clinic-as-a-Service fully integrated digital clinic offering, and is an active contributor to the community.

Lifemesh provides support and consulting for users of OpenEMR, and specializes in on-premises migrations to SaaS.

To learn about OpenEMR, please visit their website.

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Frequently asked questions

Each Project is different, and directed by the needs of the Practice. If looking to enhance risk analysis and stratification, or tracking the results of specific care plans, Lifemesh can assist by providing advanced analytic models, hypothesis testing and patient outreach, and more. All designed to allow practices, clinicians and researchers to provide rapid change and continuous improvements to care. 

A typical project can run from 30 days deploying base models, to six months for custom model development.

Population Analytics relies on a vast amount of data derived from historic EHR information. While it can be targeted to very specific and isolated measures (i.e. blood glucose ranges)), it is more beneficial to combine this information with comorbid data, social, social determinants, demographic, and other data. Additional data, not derived specifically from the EHR, such as Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) vitals, etc., can provide a wide range of valuable information for predicting future events, and allowing for proactive and preventive care. Lifemesh is able to  aggregate information from EHR, RPM, Care Plans, Demographic, Social, and other data, into a common analytics analysis foundation. It is this aggregate that provides the most meaningful insights  
Yes, you are eligible for updates throughout the course of your subscription, assuring that you always have the latest benefits and enhancements.

Yes. All data used in Population Analytics is HIPAA compliant, as data is deidentified and normalized for analytic purposes.  Data is in fact matched back to records for Hypothesis Testing and Predictive Analytics execution, however this is performed through a hashed ID, and cannot be matched back to initial health data (ePHI).

Lifemesh is an Amazon partner and hosts all its technology within Amazon Web Services, the world’s leading Cloud Services Platform.

Your subscription includes a dedicated support portal.

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