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Predictive and Preventive Care Through Evidence-Based Population Analytics.
Best of Breed Advanced Analytics, Predictive Risk Stratification, and Care Plan Hypothesis Testing

"Today's focus is on sick-care and not health-care. There needs to be a shift in focus from treating the episode to anticipating and predicting care needs."
Joshua Fischburg
Josh Fischburg

Augmented Care

Using Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning, the Augmented Care solutions identify opportunities for improved care and reduced costs of care. 

Through a combination of correlation, pattern, and health trajectory models, Lifemesh provides enhanced risk stratification, segmentation, and time to event projections, enabling the clinician to intervene. 

Rapid Hypothesis Testing

Rapid hypothesis testing enables clinicians to create dynamic cohorts based on extensive patient history  and to design test changes in care plans, or alternate therapies on a small subset of the cohort, and allow the system to automatically validate the results of such changes. Rapid testing allows for small incremental experiments that can provide continuous improvements in care, while validating the effectiveness of a proposed change, and the ROI associated. 


Insights Dashboard and Reporting

Comprehensive visual dashboard and reporting tool, with enhanced features such as:

  • Anomalies – correlative and outlier indications
  • Insights – Plain English translation of key data elements and summaries
  • Contributors – ML-based analysis defining contributing factors for chosen data values

Learn More About our Research and Analytics Capabilities

Lifemesh has used its Population Analytics capabilities to provide value during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We were involved in projects sponsored by the American Heart Association (AHA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Veteran’s Administration (VA), to apply our Predictive Analytic models to the challenges that unfolded in 2020. 

The content below describes our approach and outcomes.

Key features

Risk Stratification

Risk Stratification

Risk stratification is a function of "predicting" the likelihood of an adverse event occurring to individuals within the population and ascertaining a risk value for the targeted event. Risk Scores can also be made available for building out Dynamic Cohorts, and targeted outreach.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Profile Analytics

Predictive analytics is derived first at the population level, however, can also be applied to an individual level based on the risk profiles derived by demographic, condition, symptoms, and other valuable data.

Cost Benefit

Cost / Benefit Analysis

Evidence-based medicine is a clear focus on the healthcare community. However, most providers rely exclusively on data from external sources,. While clearly the current agreed-upon protocols, performing short-lived test can allow for continuous improvements as the results can be validated automatically, and the cost of the change can be extrapolated across the population to determine a firm Cost/Benefit Analysis.

Cohort Analysis

Dynamic Cohorts

Query, segment, and filter patients based on symptoms, conditions, claims, demographics, social determinants and more, to build out dynamic cohorts to study. Further define control and study groups to track the effectiveness of modified care plans to identify the statistical relevance of the change, and associated cost/benefit analysis.

Hypothesis Testing checklist

Rapid Hypothesis Testing

Proactive care comes both in the form of predicting risk and likelihood of an adverse event, but also in the form of small adjustments to care and care plans. But making changes that are not evidence-based are hard to justify. But rapid hypothesis testing allows for continuous improvement but allowing for care plan changes to be applied to a small subset of patients and to track the relevance and benefits of positive hypotheses

Real-time Stats

Real Time Statistics

Access to real-time visual dashboards and reports using best-of-breed visual tools and AI-based causality and comparative insights


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