Can Your Wrist Predict Your Health?

The wrist and your health

In a word, yes! A bold statement indeed. But the following is designed to prove my point. First, it is important to get out of the way precisely how the wrist can predict health. It isn’t some newly discovered “zone” of the body with mythical powers. It is also not the focus on some previously […]

Lifemesh & Identity Experts Podcast, Volume 1

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Lifemesh Podcast with Identity Experts A spirited conversation across the pond.  Discussion with the direction AI and technology are changing healthcare for the better. Part of the Identity Experts series on healthcare technologies focuses on AI in healthcare, and the direction that technology is heading in the near future. Search Latest Posts Tags Follow Us […]

The Alphabet Soup of Healthcare

Confusing nature of healthcare coding systems

The Soup The movement toward Electronic Health Records, and Certified Electronic health Record Technologies (CEHRT), clinicians are forced to review their current technologies and processes. While these changes are being influenced from CMS, it is causing confusion due to the virtual alphabet soup.  The following is intended to provide clarity on the topic. The cost […]

Assessing the Elder Affairs Assessment

Assessment Analytics through Insights

Increasing the Value of the Assessment The assessment process can be a critical component to health and wellness for the aging population. It serves as an important tool in determining the appropriate care for each individual. While used effectively for personalized care for the individual, the assessment process also provides considerable insights to the broader […]

Personal Health versus Population Health

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Lifemesh is a solution provider for healthcare that has two distinct areas of focus: Personal Health Population Health Personal Health solutions leverage the information generated from one’s own unique health journey through a combination of  hardware and software in order to provide information to providers, patients, and others, with the goal of improving care of […]

Lifemesh Announces Online Community

Lifemesh Store

Lifemesh launched as online store As part of our goal to provide improved Health and Wellness, Lifemesh launches the Lifemesh Store, a site devoted to addressing the needs of the elderly community, and those suffering from Chronic disease. The Lifemesh Store, while not the primary focus of our mission, provides a new channel to address […]

People Plus Data = Happy Health

Healthcare puzzle

People We have a significant opportunity to use our own data to our advantage. Wearable devices, such as Apple Watch, Android WearOS Watches, Samsung Watch, and Fitbit all measure our heart rate, and some offer additional features such as blood pressure, sleep monitoring, movement, and ECG. These devices also have technology that allows the detection […]