The Healthcare Communication Chain Is Broken

The Healthcare Communication Chain Is Broken. Challenging Times for Patients, Providers and Plans We are, perhaps, living in the most challenging time for patients, healthcare providers and health plans. COVID surge and increases in the prevalence of chronic disease require care providers, especially those in primary care, to care for a growing number of patients […]

The Increasing Challenges in Healthcare

We are living in challenging times for patients, healthcare providers, and health plans. Recent surges in COVID-19 (Omicron), amidst the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases highlight the critical need for efficient approaches to care.

Patient Engagement and the Primary Care Physician

Doctor entering patient encounter notes in an EHR

Patient Engagement and the Primary Care Physician Primary Care Physicians are critical to the ongoing health of their patients. However, the effectiveness of this relationship depends on the frequency and quality of encounters and an open and ongoing dialogue. The Shape of the Encounter The most typical form of communication with the PCP is via […]

Lifemesh Corp Announces Clinic-as-a-Service General Availability

Rapid launch All-In-One Digital Health Platform for Traditional and Alternative Medical Clinics As released February 24, 2021 09:00 EST at: PLANTATION, Fla. – Feb. 24, 2021 Today, Lifemesh Corp ( announced the General Availability of Clinic-as-a-ServiceTM, enabling traditional and alternative medicine clinics to rapidly launch an integrated suite of tools that supports all of their […]

Lifemesh Corp Finalist In AHA COVID-19 Data Challenge

The novel coronavirus responsible for COVID-19.

Lifemesh Corp finalist in American Heart Association COVID-19 Data Challenge. Peer reviewed by a panel of 29 Data Science & Public Health Experts. Plantation, Florida. The American Heart Association, Hitachi Vantara, and BurstIQ announced jointly today that Lifemesh Corp is one of four finalists in the “American Heart Association COVID-19 Data Challenge” for their submission […]

Our Position on the Death of George Floyd

The color of our skin should never form the basis of any prejudice, except to the extent that it contributes to the rich fabric of our nation.

Lifemesh is committed to making life changing improvements for everyone. The events immediately surrounding the death of George Floyd are saddening and woeful, and spotlight the need for changes at all levels of government and society as a whole, in order to prevent future wrongful deaths, especially in circumstances where race is a factor. The […]

More Unintended Consequences of COVID-19

Image of COVID-19

More Unintended Consequences of COVID-19 We recently published a post related to the beginnings of a current research project titled “The Unintended Consequences of COVID-19”. The focus of this research is on the medical consequences of the virus in terms of declining care in America resulting from an almost single-minded focus on COVID-19. The goal […]

Unintended Consequences of COVID-19

The novel coronavirus responsible for COVID-19.

Unintended Consequences Stay at home requests, non-essential business closings, and a host of other external factors have come into play as well, with even the healthcare industry experiencing layoffs and a shifting care model on the fly. The unintended consequences are only now being identified, and only on a very limited basis, as the primary […]

Why are we Giving Away Remote Patient Monitoring?

An Illustration of Remote Health Capabilities

COVID-19 and Remote Patient Monitoring Social Distancing is the prescription of choice today for limiting the spread of Covid 19. While most people will not suffer greatly if affected, this is not true for those who are aging, immunocompromised, and/or have chronic health conditions. These members of our community are most at risk and are also […]

What is Population Health?

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Proactive care and Population Health Like many terms, Population Health means different things to different people. For example, in the context of the CDC it means contagious diseases that can impact a broad population, while in a medical trial it may refer to a specific cohort being studied. For the context of this article, however, […]