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Digital Health Platform

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Primary Care, Alternative Health, Health Plans

Solutions that help health professionals focus on what they do best: Provide high quality care.

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Innovative Products that Replace Existing Expenditures

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“Secret Ingredients”: Lifemesh provides intelligent patient-centric engagement solutions that include smart telephony, digital clinical assistants, and telehealth that integrate into any EHR vendor that is compliant with SMART on FHIR. Lifemesh increases profit while displacing current expenditures on older, less effective, and unintegrated infrastructures. Lifemesh helps transform patients into more money. Applying award-winning customer engagement strategies from the retail industry, we help patients feel recognized and appreciated at every touchpoint.

Demonstrating our Value

It has never been more difficult to provide care to patients in need. COVID-19 surge, long hours, burnout; these are harsh realities of today. Yet, more than ever before, medical practices are seeing painful declines in patient satisfaction, job satisfaction and profitability.

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