Health Advocate

Solutions for Proactive Care

Through the consolidation of the data described above, the Lifemesh Health Advocate solution can now provide a wide range of critical data to the provider, the patient, and other interested parties such as friends and family (based of course on appropriate permissions being granted). Health Advocate is a software user interface (UI) that provides views of the individuals profile data.

Based on a platform that is FHIR compliant, and certified for Meaningful Use, Health Advocate also provides tremendous benefits for reporting and advanced care information, for those working under merit-based and alternative payment incentives.


The provider has an overall view to the individual’s health record, vitals from RPM, overall care plan, social, cognitive, and physical indicators of health, visit records, patient goals, and more. In addition to just data visibility, however, the provider can also receive alerts and other notifications based on pre-defined thresholds that may be set, to alert of any medical non-compliance, exceptions to physical vital thresholds, and other indicators of deteriorating health. 


The individual has access to RPM vitals, progress to goals, care providers, schedules, and more, depending on the type of care being provided. For example, an individual suffering from cognitive challenges such as dementia might be provided access to brain games, or solutions to engage such as MemoryWell (which plays videos of important family life events as reminders of their life journey). Whereas someone recuperating from shoulder surgery might be provided videos as reminders of the physical therapy exercises, they have been assigned to complete on a daily basis. The individual care plan will dictate those features needed. 

Friends and Family

The Friends and Family view is restricted to only those features the individual wishes to share. Information may include vitals, progress to goals, encouragements, scheduled appointments, medicine compliance, etc. In the case of the aging and elderly in assisted living facilities it might also include such items as the daily menu, recent visits, activity levels, and other information made available through the facility. As with the other interfaces, the system can also provide for alerts to information related to overall health and wellbeing. And, while referred to as a friend and family solution, this can in fact extend beyond to include other members of a broader social network, such as a church or synagogue who may wish to participate in their overall wellness.