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Patient-Centered Care: Optimized Appointment Scheduling, Resource Management & Workflows -
Interactive Voice & Chat AI Call Attendant

"Recently, 90% of health care insiders surveyed said they believe that AI will improve patients' experiences with diagnostics and electronic health record management. Despite all those hopeful forecasts, however, the promise of AI remains to be fully realized." - JAMA Network Article June 3, 2020."
Angel N. Desai

Optimize scheduling

Real-Time Patient Self-Service Appointment Management.

  • Interactive & Adaptive
  • Optimal Service Duration Scheduling
  • Optimal Provider Selection For Required Service
  • Care Level Assessment
  • Secure, High-Quality Encounters

Reduce: Costs
Increase: Clinician Utilization, Patient Satisfaction
Streamline: Patient Experience


Optimize Patient engagement through pre-built, real-time campaigns and workflows.

  • Event or time-based reminders
  • Forms Automation: Intake & Screening
  • Patient Surveys
  • Patient Health Information Access
  • Payments
  • SMS, Push, Email, and more
  • Natural Language

Increase: Revenue, Patient Satisfaction & Retention, Clinical Efficiency
Support: Self-Service & Patient-Generated Data Collection


Instant immunity to demand surges.

  • From “Office Hours” to 24/7/365 availability
  • Unlimited call/messaging volume capabilities
  • Automated follow-ups

Increase: Capacity, Patient Satisfaction, Revenue


Reduce the cost of your existing call center and booking by up to 60%
  • Automated Call & Messaging Service
  • Complete Call Center & Booking Infrastructure
  • Packaged & Configurable Workflows

Reduce: Costs
Improve: Operational Efficiencies, Workflows

Key Features

Easy to Use

Easy to use interface

Designed for engagement optimization. Keep patients engaged, and optimize the value of each encounter through easy to use and understand real-time interaction.

Patient Engagement

Patient Communication Management

Campaigns and engagement management provide extensive outreach capabilities for scheduling follow-up and initiate targeted communication programs.

Email and SMS templates for: * Process Intake
* Schedule Follow-ups
* Meaningful Use Outreach

Conversational AI

Conversational AI

Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech capabilities that allow for conversational interactions with your patient.
Rapid adoption, and high patient satisfaction through voice or chat.

Cross Platform Cross Device


Functions across mobile devices and PC, as well as telephony AI based interactions.
Single logic for multiple interfaces to provide the greatest engagement options and service.

Multi Lingual

Multilingual & translatable

We support multiple languages, and the ability to translate between languages to benefit the widest list of patients, and address the broadest patient goals.

One vendor for all of your needs

It has never been easier to create go to implement a single vendor solution, with the latest technologies.

Frequently asked questions

While Engage was designed as much to reduce call queues and dropped calls, it does in fact allow for a more streamlined team by providing capabilities at all hours of day and night, as well as handling the bulk of all appointments in an automated way.

While some patients will still want to speak to a person, Engage engages the patient sooner and can handle a majority of appointment requests.

For example, assuming:

  • Appointment bookers are paid $10.00/hr
  • Each booker works 40 hours/wk
  • 5 Clinicians Require Appointments Booked
  • There is 1 appointment booker for every 2 providers.

In this scenario, monthly spend on labor alone is $4,333.33.

Engage will save $1,417.15 per month and includes all of the telecommunications infrastructure necessary to run a bespoke call center to each clinics exact specifications.

With the likely increase in the minimum wage to $15.00/hr, monthly savings will increase 50% to $2,125.73.

Workflow optimization comes in two forms:

1) the AI-based interaction follows a specific engagement workflow to ensure all relevant information is captured during the encounter, including the information used to assess the level of care, encounter time needs, and more.

2) Alternative communications such as SMS and email further optimize care through managing outreach for engagement, follow-up, and scheduled events. 

At the moment, Engage is optimized for appointment and encounter scheduling, but it performs much more than simple appointment allocation. Engage analyzes the level of care needed, the appropriate resource needed for a specific encounter, and optimization of encounter times required for booking.

We are always interested in learning about new uses for Engage, please feel free to send our product team an email at: product@lifemesh.ai

The technology used in Engage supports hundreds of parallel engagements at the same time and is highly scalable.

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