Lifemesh Corp Finalist In AHA COVID-19 Data Challenge

The novel coronavirus responsible for COVID-19.

Lifemesh Corp finalist in American Heart Association COVID-19 Data Challenge. Peer reviewed by a panel of 29 Data Science & Public Health Experts. Plantation, Florida. The American Heart Association, Hitachi Vantara, and BurstIQ announced jointly today that Lifemesh Corp is one of four finalists in the “American Heart Association COVID-19 Data Challenge” for their submission […]

Why are we Giving Away Remote Patient Monitoring?

An Illustration of Remote Health Capabilities

COVID-19 and Remote Patient Monitoring Social Distancing is the prescription of choice today for limiting the spread of Covid 19. While most people will not suffer greatly if affected, this is not true for those who are aging, immunocompromised, and/or have chronic health conditions. These members of our community are most at risk and are also […]

What is Population Health?

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Proactive care and Population Health Like many terms, Population Health means different things to different people. For example, in the context of the CDC it means contagious diseases that can impact a broad population, while in a medical trial it may refer to a specific cohort being studied. For the context of this article, however, […]

Assessing the Elder Affairs Assessment

Assessment Analytics through Insights

Increasing the Value of the Assessment The assessment process can be a critical component to health and wellness for the aging population. It serves as an important tool in determining the appropriate care for each individual. While used effectively for personalized care for the individual, the assessment process also provides considerable insights to the broader […]

People Plus Data = Happy Health

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People We have a significant opportunity to use our own data to our advantage. Wearable devices, such as Apple Watch, Android WearOS Watches, Samsung Watch, and Fitbit all measure our heart rate, and some offer additional features such as blood pressure, sleep monitoring, movement, and ECG. These devices also have technology that allows the detection […]