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Lifemesh is a place of passion and dedication to making a positive change in each person's life.​
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Lifemesh Corp is located in beautiful, sunny Broward County, in South Florida.

We aim to provide a safe, enjoyable work environment to drive the challenging, important work that we do.

Lifemesh is a Healthcare IT company that helps traditional & alternative medical clinics rapidly deploy digital health and realize streamlined patient experiences, with optimized provider allocation.

Our goal is to improve the life and overall well-being of those we serve through tools that can shift the focus of care from being responsive to a life event to being proactive, thus addressing issues before they arise.

We provide solutions that manage Personal Health and Population Health. When combined, we provide a full 360-degree view of the individual seen by the provider, the patient, and the social support network.

We offer a robust benefits package and competitive salaries, and we offer remote work opportunities where feasible.

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