Our Position on the Death of George Floyd

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The events immediately surrounding the death of George Floyd are saddening and woeful, and spotlight the need for changes at all levels of government and society as a whole, in order to prevent future wrongful deaths, especially in circumstances where race is a factor. The color of our skin should never form the basis of any prejudice, except to the extent that it contributes to the rich fabric of our nation.

Why are we evaluating this retrospectively?

In retrospect, it appears Derek Chauvin is clearly a bad apple, having committed 18 prior acts reviewed for impropriety, aggressive behavior, and abuse of privilege. But the question is, why in retrospect? Clearly, there were warning signals, and opportunities to intervene.

Evidence-based Action

We should not allow this to taint our view of many fine officers who put their lives on the line each day to serve and protect us, rather, we should act based on facts.


How then do we identify the potential “bad apples” like Derek Chauvin are? What could have been done to prevent the death of George Floyd?


Lifemesh believes that we are at an inflection point. We must act to prevent any further needless death and suffering. We have the opportunity to use this moment to identify the patterns of behavior that lead to wrongful deaths like George Floyd and to use this information as markers to proactively prevent them from occurring.


To this end, Lifemesh is offering free consultative services to the Police Services of every level to assist with the profiling and proactive identification of officers who require intervention. If you are in a governmental or police management role and are interested in learning more about our offer, please email us at all-lives-matter@lifemesh.ai or submit an inquiry on our website.

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