Assessing the Elder Affairs Assessment

Increasing the Value of the Assessment

The assessment process can be a critical component to health and wellness for the aging population. It serves as an important tool in determining the appropriate care for each individual. While used effectively for personalized care for the individual, the assessment process also provides considerable insights to the broader population, which in turn allows for more targeted personal care.

Visual Analysis and Data Discovery

Visual analysis of the assessment process can provide you with unique insight into how well the process is working. And, can also identify missed opportunities for improved care. The Lifemesh Insights solution provides these capabilities and more by:

  1. Allowing you to enrich and consolidate data from disparate systems (assessments, EHR, claims, remote monitoring, CQM, and more).
  2. Providing a comprehensive understanding of the overall member population and advanced care information through analysis, statistics, anomalies, and contributing factors to improved health.
  3. Providing the ability to assess your Assessors and assessment quality such as completeness, response trends, timing, follow-up needs.
  4. Delivering tools that ensure overall data quality, for better and more accurate decision making

Meaningful insights often go unnoticed. While copious amounts of data exist in every practice, this data most often remains in the dark. Illuminating your data provides tremendous insights that can lead to improvements in proactive care, care plan design, execution, and training. Furthermore, effective analysis can also provide lower costs of care through proactive intervention prior to adverse events, admissions, and readmissions.

Rapid Value

The Lifemesh InsightsTM hosted Cloud solution is fully managed, allowing you the ability to focus on their members, and not technology.

  • Improve Care
  • Lower Costs
  • Improve Effectiveness
  • Gain Insights

Implement in Days. Low Cost. Fully Managed.


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