People Plus Data = Happy Health


We have a significant opportunity to use our own data to our advantage. Wearable devices, such as Apple Watch, Android WearOS Watches, Samsung Watch, and Fitbit all measure our heart rate, and some offer additional features such as blood pressure, sleep monitoring, movement, and ECG. These devices also have technology that allows the detection of falls and calls emergency services for you.

Some people today even have multiple “intelligent” devices, such as pill bottles, weight scales, and thermometers.


What do these devices do with your information? Once generated, they are sent to each vendor’s own implementation of a personal health profile. What we in the midst of a transition into a new age of health care information. This will empower us to have a greater understanding of our own health and enable our medical professionals to use this information to make better decisions about our care.

Our cars have better health monitoring than we do.

The average American visits their doctors 4 times per year. In other countries such as Japan, the average number of doctor visits is 13.

Contrast this with the technology that is available in the automotive industry. Modern cars constantly monitor numerous systems, provide monthly reports on driving habits and automobile health, and let you know when it’s time for a “check-up”. Our vehicles offer better health technology than we offer ourselves.

Our data protecting us, affordably.

It’s time to do better than this. It’s time we offer affordable monitoring for ourselves and our family and use this data to get better insights into health conditions we know about and those that may be developing. It’s time to arm ourselves and our medical professionals with better data to make better decisions about our health.


There are several challenges today that prevent a happy marriage between our care and medical data. One challenge we face today is that each device maker supports its own devices.

This means:

·    Individuals using devices from multiple manufacturers cannot combine this information into one view

·    Our medical records live in numerous systems preventing us from a complete and secure view of our well-being

·    Families using different devices cannot have a consistent experience

·    Caregivers cannot leverage the benefit of an automated vitals collection in one platform

·    Acquiring and leveraging anonymous data for data science and research is not possible.

Solutions for Us and Our Families

Lifemesh provides a health solution that solves these problems. It provides authorized family members and medical professionals a secure way to understand the health of their loved ones, view upcoming appointments, and obtain alerts when there are imminent dangers to their health.

Solutions for Healthcare Professionals & Institutions

Lifemesh offers a solution for Healthcare Professionals with secure access to patient details and logging of vitals during examinations. Medical professionals benefit from a combined view of all of their patients’ measures allowing better decisions. Everyone benefits from the analysis of the combined data in an anonymized way, so that we may develop new studies from rich data and predict the development of new conditions with better confidence than ever before.

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We are currently accepting candidates for our personal care solution. If you wish to learn more about how you, your family, or friends may register for Lifemesh, please click here.

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Lifemesh offers a complete HIPAA compliant white-label solution that will acquire, analyze, and share your patient’s data with them and those they choose. Please use the form available here to inquire how you can get started with Lifemesh today.

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