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Lifemesh helps traditional & alternative medical clinics rapidly deploy digital health and realize streamlined patient experiences, with optimized provider allocation.


Clinic as a Service (CaaS)

Clinics of all types are migrating to Clinic as a Service, the all in one digital health solution. 

Everything you need to fully embrace digital health and stay relevant to your patients and the times. One price, one support desk, one month to productive use.


LifeBot never takes the day off.

Operating 24/7, LifeBot is a voice and chat Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot designed to improve efficiencies and patient experience.


Population Analytics

Avoid critical events, reduce costs of care, and improve overall health with Machine Learning.

Provide continuous improvement to dynamic cohorts that improves outcomes lowers cost of care.


A secure, multi-platform solution that extends the services of any clinic, Lifemesh Telehealth delivers high quality video & voice sessions, appointment recording & session management.

3rd party EHR plugin available.


We are dedicated to the improvement of healthcare one patient at a time

Through the use of AI, Lifemesh can make dramatic impacts for your practice. 

Proactive, Predictive, Preventive!

Electronic healthcare

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